Disciple Later Volunteer Signups


Host Homes (10 HOMES needed)

Description: A host home will be housing a group of students (anywhere from 8-15 kids plus 1 leader) at there home from Friday Night to Sunday Morning. Food will be provided by other volunteers that will bring the food to your home. We regret to say that you will not be able to request an age group or gender group to stay in your home for the weekend. You are not expected to be the Bible Study Leader nor participate in group discussions. We encourage the College Group Leader to be in charge of all discipleship. 

Responsibilities: Open up your home and organize transportation for students to and from your home. Transportation will include from the church on Friday Night, activities on Saturday and to and from church, and to the church on Sunday.

Food organizer for host home (10 needed)

Description: You are in charge of facilitating meals for your assigned host home. You are more than welcome to prepare all the meals yourself or organize a group of people to make individual meals for the weekend. We want to clarify that you are not necessarily in charge of cooking all meals (unless you desire to), but instead are in charge of getting all meals and snacks to the homes in a timely manner each day. We ask that this be a gift to our students from you and others as to keep the price for D-Later at a minimal for each student. 

Responsibilities: Giving to our church family in the realms of providing meals for students during the D-Later weekend. Preparing or organizing meals and snacks each day. Having each meal arrive before or at the time of each meal and snack time. 

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