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It is our default that each group which wishes to reserve space on the campus will set-up their own events (we'll make the items available). However, if you need us to to set it up for you, please indicate that in the appropriate field below.
If you do not need anything from our Facility Management Team, then please select, "No; we just need the room..."
Please note: We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the needs of your event. When food & drink is involved it increases the staffing needs and thus increases the costs to service your event. The more your own volunteers can do to clean-up after an event, the more you will help us to conserve our resources. Thank you for your careful consideration.
These are white, molded plastic tables that are easily rolled-out of storage and set-up by one person. 8 chairs can be set around a table like this. The Worship Center will hold a max of 36 round 60" tables.
There are usually about 30 6' tables available.
These are the blue stacking chairs that we typically use in the Worship Center. We have about 480 blue stacking chairs.
These are the black folding chairs that we typically use in the Fine Arts Room. We have about 90 of these that are usually available outside of school hours.
List out other items you wish to reserve, along with the quantity of each.
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