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Getting Ready for Sunday, May 8

May 5, 2016

Church family,

This Sunday we will continue our sermon series: Your Kingdom Come. In this series we will look at how Jesus teaches us to pray through the Lord's Prayer.
This week we will look at Matthew 6:10 and see that we are to pray for God’s rule and reign to be made manifest as we bear witness to the reality of the kingship of Christ in every area of our lives.


 Here’s last weeks sermon in case you missed it:

Adoption and Holiness in the Family of God
Matthew 6:9

Our call to worship will be Psalm 145:8-13. Read it beforehand and pray that:

  1. We would truly desire God’s kingdom, God’s rule and reign, in our lives.
  2. Our neighbors, coworkers, and family would come to know and live out of the faithful love of Christ.

Here are the songs we’ll be singing this week. We’ll be singing a new song “Break Every Chain” this Sunday. Listen to it this week as you prepare to worship with the church!

How Great Thou Art
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Your Glory
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Holy Holy Holy
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Break Every Chain
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Your Great Name
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King of Heaven
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