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Getting Ready Sunday, June 5


JUNE 2, 2016

Church family,

This Sunday we will return to our series in the gospel of John: Come Follow Me. We’ll look at John 14:1-7 and see how we can only find true refuge and safety through faith in Jesus Christ. 


 Here’s last weeks sermon in case you missed it:

A New Commandment
John 13:31-35

Our call to worship will be from Psalm 33:18-22.This Psalm shows the attentive way God loves and protects his children and calls us to worship God by trusting and waiting on him.

Read the Psalm beforehand and ask God to:

  1. See what we run to for refuge and peace instead of God.
  2. Help us see how Jesus is a better refuge and peace. 

Here are the songs we’ll be singing this week. Listen to them to prepare for our gathered worship! 

We’re singing "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" and "Seas of Crimson" because they speak strongly about how God is a trustworthy refuge and Savior. After the sermon, we’ll sing “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”, “In Christ Alone”, and “This is Amazing Grace” because they call us to respond in faith to God’s word by looking only to Christ for peace, security, and reconciliation with God.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God
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Seas of Crimson
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Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus
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In Christ Alone
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This Is Amazing Grace
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