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Getting Ready for Sunday, June 12

JUNE 9, 2016

Church family,

This Sunday we will return to our series in the gospel of John: "Come Follow Me". We will look at John 14:15-17 and see how we, that are in Christ Jesus, can have confidence in the Holy Spirit who is promised to be our helper forever.


 Here’s last week's sermon in case you missed it:

The Exclusivity of Jesus
John 14:1-7

Our call to worship will be from Psalm 29:1-4. This Psalm shows the how the Lord is above and more powerful than all things. He is worthy to be praised!

Read the Psalm beforehand and ask God to:

  1. Help us see what we are idolizing before the Lord.
  2. Help us rest in how Jesus is better than our idols we worship. 

Here are the songs we’ll be singing this week. Listen to them to prepare for our gathered worship! 

Praise to the Lord the Almighty
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Break Every Chain
Itunes Youtube Spotify

In Christ Alone
Itunes Spotify Youtube

God With Us
Itunes Spotify Youtube

How Great Thou Art
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