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Getting Ready for Sunday, December 10


DECEMBER 7, 2017

Church family,

"Getting Ready for Sunday" is a resource we provide to help the church look ahead to the upcoming Sunday. We want to prepare well for gathering together by reading God’s word, praying, and singing.

This week we continue the season of Advent. Find out more about why we celebrate Advent here.

This week we are looking at Matthew 1:18-25 and seeing how the incarnation of Jesus shows us a God who is both transcendently glorious and graciously near to us.

Our Call to Worship and Advent candle lighting is based on Isaiah 42:16:

And I will lead the blind
in a way that they do not know,
in paths that they have not known
I will guide them.
I will turn the darkness before them into light,
the rough places into level ground.
These are the things I do,
and I do not forsake them

Peace is the theme of the second week of Advent. In the season of Advent, we are given to space to reflect on where we go looking for peace apart from Jesus. What are we hoping will bring peace to our lives, this year, or our world? What (or who) are we hoping will change so that we can have peace? Whatever the answer is it can show that we are trying to find our source of peace somewhere else than Christ. Isaiah 42 calls us to look to Christ and the perfect peace he brings.

Read Isaiah 42:16 and:

  1. Pray that we would be made aware of the places we look to for peace instead of Christ.

  2. Pray that God would fill our hearts and minds with the peace of Christ.

Here are the songs we are singing this week. We chose them because they point us to the grace and peace we have in Christ. 

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Joy To the World
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King of My Heart
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O Come O Come Emmanuel
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God With Us
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To Him Who Overcomes
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Here is last week's sermon in case you missed it.