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The Cost of Kids in Competitive Sports | ORBC Shares


The Cost of Kids in Competitive Sports

written by MATT MCCAULEY for The Village Church

"I’m not saying organized sports are bad. In addition to the obvious benefits of physical play and fitness, kids can learn valuable life skills, such as teamwork, commitment, responsibility, respect and self-discipline. Organized sports also provide believers with opportunities to engage and evangelize those outside the faith, whether it be parents chatting in the stands or teammates playing together.

As parents, do we need to step back and consider the hidden costs we are paying to make our kids the best player on the team and to get that elusive college scholarship? What motivates you to spend piles of money and precious hours on the demands of your kids’ competitive, select and tournament teams? Let’s admit, it feels good to see our kids make a great play out on the field. It does something to us, sparks something in us. But do we enjoy it too much?"