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Getting Ready for Sunday, February 11


FEBRUARY 8, 2017

Church family,

"Getting Ready for Sunday" is a resource we provide to help the church look ahead to the upcoming Sunday. We want to prepare well for gathering together by reading God’s word, praying, and singing.

This week we continue our sermon series “Multiply: a Journey Through the Book of Acts.” We’ll be looking at Acts 13:4-12 and seeing how Jesus instructs and inspires us to pursue his mission with our families, friends, and neighbors.

Our Call to Worship is Psalm 142:5.  

I cry to you, O Lord;
I say, “You are my refuge,
my portion in the land of the living.”

Psalm 142:5 calls us to worship God in whatever situation we find ourselves in. The psalm describes two different states we can find ourselves in. We often find ourselves in need of a refuge, a place of safety, stability, and protection. In contrast, we often find ourselves content and satisfied with God as our portion. Whether we are content or concerned, satisfied or in need, God calls us to cry out to him with both praise for his blessings and petition for our needs. No matter if we find ourselves in joy or difficulty, what we always need is to cry out to God, drawing near to him, and confessing that he is our hope.

Read Psalm 142:5 and:

  1. Pray that God would fill our hearts with delight in him.

  2. Pray that God would fill our minds with awe at who he is.

Here are the songs we are singing this week. We are singing these songs because they teach us the the truth about the powerful presence and work of Christ and help us express our trust and love for him.

I Am Set Free
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Your Great Name
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Rock of Ages
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Called Me Higher
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Here is last week's sermon in case you missed it.

Here is last week's sermon in case you missed it.