“Sleeper Awake” was inspired by Ephesians 5:14: “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” In Ephesians 5, Paul holds out the life, death, and resurrection as the motivation and sustaining power for following Christ in every area of life. From how we live as families, to the way we joke, or how we use our time and money, all are meant to be motivated and governed by the light of Christ shining on us. This led us to borrow the forms, and even some words, of catechisms. The verses ask the questions of where our identity, hope, and purpose comes from and answers with “Christ has died, risen, and will come again.” The bridge also borrows from the Heidelberg catechism reminding us of our identity in Christ.

The song is meant to call believers and unbelievers alike to awaken to the hope of the gospel, showing how the work of Christ transforms every area of our lives. We hope it serves you!



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Where is light for our darkness?
Where is hope for our sadness?
Christ has died, risen, and will come again.

Where is grace for our brokenness?
Where do we find forgiveness?
Christ has died, risen, and will come again.

O sleeper awake and Christ will shine on you,
he'll shine on you.
O sinner arise, christ has risen for you, he's risen for you.

He has shown his loving kindness.
He gave himself to make us righteous.
Christ has died risen and will come again.


Recorded at Busybox Studio by Stephen Hudson, Mixed and Mastered by Josh Walker at 150 Media House, Drums: David Moore, Bass: Ben Livingston, Piano/B3: Mark Vidito, Guitar and Vocals: Matt Oakes, Vocals: Kayci Zinkgraf, Album Artwork: Brittney Burnett, Written by Matt Oakes